Mediterranean tabbouleh

Sandra Choremi_Mediterranean tabbouleh

Extra warm climates tend to make us crave for fresh and nourishing food, recipes that are the perfect mix of tangy and sweet, nurture and indulgence, energy and pleasure… In the Mediterranean, people know how to mix and match a salad in no time, as long as the vegetables are fresh and crunchy and herbs…

Spicy Couscous Salad with Courgettes Fresh Herbs and Feta Cheese

Couscous salad

Round and round One of the things I find fascinating about creating in the kitchen is the simple, yet astonishing blend of cultures, flavours and timeframes. This is what happens when you prepare a dish of couscous. One of the first written references of this tiny semolina  is from an anonymous, 13th-century North African cookbook….

Fresh and Green White Rice Salad 

Fresh green white rice salad

Cool it! It’s a hot day, the cicadas clicking in the background, the sand still in your hair and the growing feeling of hunger that comes after swimming and playing in the sun for hours, urging you to go home. How do you feed your need for a fresh but filling lunch that will leave…

Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartare

Raw Power You love salmon in all its bright orange goodness, fuelling you up in useful omega 3 and clean, lean protein. You have gone through so many phases with it, cooking in, grilling it, crumbling its hearty tastefulness over a simple green salad, even skewing it for an impromptu picnic on the seaside. What…