Spicy Sardines Wrapped in Vine Leaves

Sandra Choremi_Spicy Sardines Wrapped in Vine Leaves_

I love to “wrapping things up” and experimenting with a variety stuffing and different ways of cooking…a master fisherman,  Dimos, taught me how to appreciate the fruit of the sea like sardines…he used to prepare this recipe and, next to a chilled glass of Souma (kind of raki made in Paros). Prepare the charcoals scorching…

Jewelled Rice with Lentils

Jewelled Rice with lentils

Speaking of meatless wonders, middle eastern cuisine if full of beautiful recipes that are pleasing to all the senses, as they create a lovely tapestry of colours, a wondrous sonata of flavours and a grand composition of nutritional elements that give your body a boost of clean energy and your skin a glorious, healthy glow….

Fresh Creamy Tagliatelle with Snap Peas

Fresh creamy tagliatelle with snap peas

Snap peas are such a wonderful source of protein and this is the perfect season for enjoying them at their freshest.  These succulent and delicious little spring marbles are so rich in folic acid, vitamin K and vitamin A. This recipe here is a good example of how you can add almost anything to your…

Dolmadakia – Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice

Dolmadakia - Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice

All Wrapped Up… Like kale and spinach, vine leaves are part of the dark green vegetable group that has become highly popular with nutritionists these past few years. Packed with vitamins and minerals, rich in vitamins A and K, calcium and iron, helping cell development and blood circulation, giving our body a boost of youth…

Pasta with Feta Yogurt & Dill

Pasta with Feta Yogurt & Dill

Flavour Sonata… Summer is loading…with it comes the beauty of fine flavours creating their own universe of memories…feta cheese, yoghurt, dill, are all imprinted as Greek staples that meet up in fresh salads, sit side by side as juicy “meze” starters or compliment each other in different plates on dining tables washed in the sea…