Pasta with Feta Yogurt & Dill

Pasta with Feta Yogurt & Dill

Flavor Sonata Summer is loading…with it comes the beauty of fine flavors creating their own universe of memories…feta cheese, yoghurt, dill, are all imprinted as Greek staples that meet up in fresh salads, sit side by side as juicy “meze” starters or compliment each other in different plates on dining tables washed in sea breeze. […]

Orzo Pasta with Courgettes, Lemon and Herbs

Orzo Pasta with Courgette, Lemon & Parsley

Evening Standard Risottos are a deliciously creamy affair but they are so fussy to make…when I feel lazy  I just take out this orzo pasta recipe from my collection and follow a few basic steps towards a cozy Sunday evening: A light and delicious recipe on my table, The Crown on Netflix, the ideal setting…. […]

Pasta With Spinach Lemon & Walnuts

Pasta with spinach lemon & walnuts

Little Wonder Baby spinach … These tender little spinach leaves are full of antioxidants and their taste is somewhat more concentrated and interesting when it comes in tiny little portions. Choose short pasta like penne or orecchiette (a small mental note here, to always trust the Italians and their choices in pasta shapes and sizes, […]

Mushroom Lover Pesto

Mushroom Lover Pesto

Mushroom Lover Pesto If you love mushrooms like I do this is the pesto for you! The feeling of autumn is embodied in its bold flavours and warm colours. Porcini, Pleurotus, Shiitake and, of course, Truffles, you name it. These wild gifts of nature are a perfect source of protein and they each have a unique […]

Tagliolini with White Truffle

Tagliolini with white truffle

One of a Kind What do you get when you shave white truffle on top of a classic recipe of garlic, butter, fresh sage leaves and tagliolini pasta? Culinary magic, that’s what! The paper-thin, cylindrically shaped tagliolini plays the perfect host to the earthy, deliciously one-of-a-kind truffle. Let’s face it. There is something basic, primeval […]