Orzo Pasta with Courgettes, Lemon and Herbs

Orzo Pasta with Courgette, Lemon & Parsley

Evening Standard… Risottos are a deliciously creamy affair but they are so fussy to make…when I feel lazy… I just take out this orzo pasta recipe from my collection and follow a few basic steps towards a cosy Sunday evening: A light and delicious recipe on my table, The Crown on Netflix, the ideal setting…….

Autumn Barley Risotto

Autumn barley risotto

Autumn Sonata Art finds its way in every form or shape it pleases. Each work of art, each expression of the human aesthetic, is a blend of all the arts put together. A dress can be a poem. A painting can echo sweet music. A  recipe, put together with love and respect for nature, can…

Courgette Chips

Courgette chips

The Crunch These crunchy courgette chips always remind me of my dear friend, Christo Krimeas, and our favourite restaurant Christo  in the island village of Naoussa… His lovely smile appeared first, and this dish followed soon after — long conversations and memories from the past…    Fresh crunchy courgettes from the garden and sizzling oil make…

Briam – Greek Vegetable Bake

Briam - Greek Vegetable Bake

Secret Garden Greek cuisine finds its best expression when simple, humble ingredients are turned into magnificent dishes of exquisite culinary greatness. Nature has a magic way of creating unique flavours when left to work on its own, with just a little help from a talented and experienced cook. This is a typical Greek vegan dish…

Courgette Frittata

Courgette Frittata

  Flower Power One of the precious gifts of nature is to find goodness in everything, while approaching her offerings with a holistic view, using every little detail of a fruit or vegetable for what it is worth and what it can give us. Courgette blossoms are one of the best examples of the brilliant…