Warm & Spicy Bar Nuts

Warm and spicy bar nuts

A Man’s World This is one of the best-kept secrets on how to keep a man happy. This recipe is the fittest foreplay for a rich, sensuous one-on-one dinner, ideal for a cold evening that you have decided to spend indoors. Just before serving supper, after he has made himself comfortable on the sofa, warm […]

Baked Apples with Crushed Meringues, Honey & Yogurt

Baked Apples with Crushed Meringues, Honey & Yogurt

A Fine Mess I always like to stock meringue nests in my pantry, they keep for months if you store them properly, plus they look lovely in tall, round glass jars. My favourite ones are the all time classics from Varsos in Kifisia… This takes me back to Sunday morning rituals with my father, filled […]

Baby Carrots with Truffle Vinaigrette

Baby carrots with truffle vinaigrette

Love your Roots Carrots: the crunchy and colourful root whose name derives from the Greek word “karoton”. You see, “kar” comes from the word “keras”, and it was used to describe anything that had a horn-like shape! These little earth dwellers called carrots are so rich in antioxidants and nutrients; they are basically a shield […]

Flourless Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake

Flourless chocolate-hazelnut cake

Honest Goodness One of the hardest temptations to resist is the craving for chocolate. Rich, dark, creamy, it goes straight to the brain immersing you in endorphins, and that is not the only good thing about this glorious wonder of nature! Full of antioxidants, pure black chocolate fights off bad cells in your body, giving […]