Lavender Cake with Lemon & Olive Oil

Lavender cake with lemon & olive oil

The Art of Keeping it Simple… This is a cake you will be making, again and again…It involves an easy procedure as it follows the simple steps of an ordinary cake recipe, while at the same time carrying a mix of ingredients that makes this a special affair. Your afternoon cravings will be turned into…

Espresso 3D Cake

Espresso 3D Cake

Espresso!  A compelling combination of cake and coffee… This is the ideal partner to a strong cup of espresso or Americano coffee, as it matches their robustness without having to fight for the attention of your taste buds…. What makes it so interesting is the 360° experience it provides, since it has three different qualities,….

Fanouropita – St Fanourios’ Cake

Shared Blessing For the Orthodox Greeks, the Fanouropita is the cake of a saint who reveals things, Saint Fanourios helps people find lost items; he also helps unmarried women… to find love! “Faith and a strong wish” are the key ingredients for its success. Other than that, the typical recipe strictly includes 7 or 9…