Greek Coffee Ritual

Sandra Choremi_Greek Coffee Ritual

Before it all began…

Setting up the scene with Kim and Xanthe and I was enjoying my Morning Coffee Ritual..

We each had a role… styling, shooting, filming was the fun part… Although I had my coffee the girls had their diet coke!

Sandra Choremi_Greek Coffee Ritual
Sandra Choremi_Greek Coffee

This is the original vintage coffee table and chair they used in old Greek Coffee shops ” Καφενία “… – Cafenia

Sandra Choremi_Greek Coffee Ritual

 The procedure and the pleasure of sipping on the cup reminds me of the kafeneia, the coffee shops one finds around Greece and Turkey, the old porcelain cups made especially for this type of ritual, found in open air markets in Athens and Istanbul, and the old tradition of reading ones fate in the finished cup, after you have turned it upside down on its little serving plate, in order to let the ground coffee create small shapes and signs to “read”. 

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